DIY chalkboard menus

Our wedding was this weekend and it couldn’t have been more wonderful!  My year of planning finally paid off- thanks to everyone who pitched in and sponsored us 😉 too!  There are many beautiful moments and images to share which will be posted on my Wedding page soon- stay tuned!

I thought about creating these last minute chalkboard menus less than a week before the wedding.  I was really happy with how they turned out and the best part is they were fool proof!

I started with this chalkboard spray paint from Michael’s…

and used these center cut tree trunks as a base- also from Michael’s.  They fit perfectly with my dressy casual seaside farm wedding.

Just spray the wood with one coat of paint- staying about 20 inches away and make sure to do it in sections.  If you spray continuously- it will clog.   Give it a minute and one more coat.  Then wait about 12 hours before you write on it.  The can says to wait 24, but it worked fine for me before that.  It also said to prime the surface with some chalk and erase it- I didn’t do that either.  I wanted to keep it prisitine.

Let me know how this works for you or if you know of any other fun ways to use chalkboard paint.  (I still have a whole can!)

Take care,

Mrs. Lauren Lear 😉

Lauren Lear

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Virginian to Mainiac, I moved to Maine for a photo internship with Aurora Photos and stayed because I met the man I would marry after winking at him on My photo business, Lola Studios, is where I pursue my love of fantasy photography using makeup and props to create alternate realities for my clients. I started this blog a little over a year ago to share the wedding prep, diy, food, and family experiences that I had. To bring you up to speed, my husband Alex and I bought a home, got married, went on our honeymoon, hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas back to back (never again ;) ), I turned 30 (never again :( ), we went to London to celebrate our first married year, and we got a puppy, Walter! That’s about it! I hope you’ll join me to see what unfolds next. Enjoy!